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ECommerce Website

Ecommerce Website

Having a web site with the ability to sell products and services is good, but not enough. Compare your site to a traditional “brick and mortar” store.

How successful would your enterprise be if you simply rented a space, piled product on the floor, and put a very expensive cash register by the door?

Sure, you’d have the ability to sell product, but where would the appeal be? How would your customers find the product they were looking for? Who would process their transactions?

A successful eCommerce web site must be well designed, perform effectively, and be appealing to shoppers. And most importantly, it has to be easy to use – both for you, and your site’s visitors. Big Byte’s eCommerce web site design solutions take the worry and the bother out of running an online business. Our custom designed solutions feature the latest technology at affordable prices.

Big Byte’s ecommerce web design solutions are designed with that in mind. Our advanced solutions feature a combination of an SQL (Structured Query Language) Server database and the programming language “asp.net.” Our shopping carts are robust and extremely stable. That means your customers cash out quickly, easily and securely. And since our eCommerce solutions are custom designed, your site looks and works the way you want it to, unlike second rate “out-of-the-box” solutions.

Today’s web surfers spend hours on line searching for a great deal or that special something.When they find it, the purchase process must be quick, easy, and leave them with a pleasant memory.

Here are just a few of the standard features included with a Big Byte eCommerce solution:

  • Easy To Use Site Admin Area
  • Add, edit, delete products and categories
  • Update products at any time
  • Upload product images from any PC
  • Seamless web site design integration
  • Powerful product search capabilities
  • Shopper friendly server side shopping cart application
  • Product thumbnails
  • Worldwide shipping and tax calculation options
  • Email order confirmation
  • Secure payment processing gateway integration
  • An unlimited number of products and categories
  • Quick loading and stable
  • Flexible look and feel
  • Exceptional value
  • Custom web development

To see a few of the many different types of Ecommerce web design solutions offered by Big Byte, please visit our Online Showroom.

Ecommerce Credit Card Processing – Payment Gateways

One of the most frequently asked questions about Ecommerce web sites is: “How do I accept payments for my products or services on line?”

Big Byte’s Ecommerce solutions can be integrated with any 3rd party payment gateway including PayPal, Worldpay, Nochex, and eWay.

“Do I need any technical knowledge?”

Big Byte’s user-friendly Ecommerce web design solutions are easy to maintain with little or no technical knowledge. Changes to products or categories are managed with an easy to use web-based admin feature. Alternatively, Big Byte can perform the periodic maintenance for you with pricing based on your specific needs.