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Online Catalogue

Kick your online business up a notch with Big Byte’s customizable online catalogue solution.

Featuring a database application that enables powerful search capabilities, this cutting-edge technology makes it effortless for shoppers to browse through your product and find exactly what they are looking for, anytime, and every time.

Big Byte’s online catalogue not only ensures smooth and easy navigation for shoppers, it is easily managed and can be customized to fit your exact needs. Our user-friendly administrative interface allows you or your staff to manage the catalogue’s product from any computer with an internet connection, at any time, and with no technical training.

Add new product, remove old product, announce sales or specials, change prices or create new product categories simply by following a few, easy instructions. Some simple, basic keyboard skills are all you need!

Key Features of Big Byte’s Online Catalogue:

  • Effortlessly add, remove, or modify product, categories, descriptions, images, pricing details and more.
  • Manage updates & edit content in real time.
  • Highlight featured items on sale or in promotions.
  • Fully customize your catalogue’s design, layout, & process.

Big Byte’s Online Catalogue is the perfect solution for retailers of computer hardware and software, security products and services, jewellery, antiques, clothing, or any online storefront needing to organize and manage product information quickly and easily. And, since all businesses are different, we offer the luxury of a fully customizable solution, and we do it affordably. Our online catalogue solution looks right, works right and is priced right.

Make shopping even more pleasurable for your web site visitors. Combine Big Byte’s Online Catalogue with our Shopping Cart & eCommerce solutions, and offer your shoppers secure, worry free online payment processing too!

Whether it’s website design and development, a database application development, or custom web application including Ecommerce and online catalogues, Big Byte is here when you need us.